PC-41 POLYCAT 17 CAS5875-13-5 1,3,5-Tris(dimethylaminopropyl)hexahydrotriazine

PC-41 POLYCAT 17 CAS5875-13-5 1,3,5-Tris(dimethylaminopropyl)hexahydrotriazine

Chinese name: 1,3,5-Tris(dimethylaminopropyl)hexahydrotriazine, abbreviated as triazine

Alias: PC-41 POLYCAT 17

English name: 1,3,5-Tris[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]hexahydro-1,3,5-triazine

Molecular formula: C18H42N6

Molecular weight: 342.0

CAS: 15875-13-5

Physical and chemical properties:

1,3,5-Tris(dimethylaminopropyl)hexahydrotriazine is a colorless to light yellow transparent liquid with very faint odor or nearly odorless, easily soluble in water.

Relative density: 0.92~0.95

Viscosity(25℃): 26~33mPa.s

Flash point: 153℃(COC) or 132℃(TMCC)

Boiling point 225℃ or 140℃: 133Pa

Freezing point: -59℃

Vapor pressure(21℃):13Pa

Moisture in the product:≤0.5%

Nitrogen content:17%~18%

Shanghai Qiguang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Technical Data Sheet

DC PC-41


DC PC-41 is a moderately active trimerization catalyst.


DC PC-41 is used in a wide variety of rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam applications. It has excellent blowing capability and excellent delayed curing. It is recommended for use as a co-catalyst with other polyurethane and polyisocyanurate catalysts,such as,DC PC-8、DC K-15,particularly in formulations with an isocyanate index greater than 105–110.

Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification

1.1 Product Name: PC-41


Catalog Codes: Not available.


CAS#: 15875-13-5


RTECS: Not available.


TSCA: Not available.


Chemical Formula: C18H42N6



1.2 Contact Information:

Shanghai DAOKOW PU Material CO. ,LTD

1#,NO. 628 ,Zhudai Road ,Zhuqiao industrial park Jiading district , Shanghai, China

Sales: +86-21-59963900

International Sales: +86-21-59963900


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Shelf Life:

24 Months

Standard Packaging:

  180KG Steel Drum

  IBC Drum is recommended.

Items    Spec

Total amine value(mgKOH/g)  450-550

Moisture , % max  0.5

Typical Properties

Appearance     Colorless to yellowish Liquid

Viscosity@25℃ mPa*.s  26~33

Specific Gravity@,25℃(g/cm³)   0.92~0.95

Flash point,PMCC,℃   104

Water solubilty      Soluble

Storage Information

Qiguang Group recommends that our catalysts be stored in a dry and cool area under appropriate ventilation conditions. Each container should be closed tightly to avoid contamination with moisture or other negative influences that could change the products’ performance in the end use. The optimum storage temperature is between 10 °C and 30° C. Lower and higher storage temperatures are not preferable and should be avoided.

Application scope:

Tris(dimethylaminopropyl)hexahydrotriazine has excellent foaming/gelling ability of polyurethane rigid foam highly active trimer catalyst, which can be used together with other catalysts.

Tris(dimethylaminopropyl) hexahydrotriazine is mainly applicable to the catalytic effect of polyurethane and polyisocyanate reactions, with slightly higher catalytic selective activity for polyurethane than polyisocyanate reactions in terms of performance, and is often used for pressboard polyurethane rigid foam, sprayed rigid foam and molded rigid foam;

Tris(dimethylaminopropyl)hexahydrotriazine is more suitable for polyisocyanate hard foam sheets, various foaming agent foaming (including full water foaming) and other processes, and has excellent performance in water foaming hard foam systems;

Tris(dimethylaminopropyl)hexahydrotriazine is widely used in microporous polyurethane elastomer and high resilience foam products.

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