Silicone Oil Applications
Applied to car sponge

High active silicone oil, low density system, uniform cells, no perforation. It is suitable for high powder adding system and can improve the physical properties (tensile force, elasticity) of sponge. Suitable for vertical foam, flat foam, box foam, cover box foam.

Applied to refrigerator freezer

It is suitable for the opening of slow rebound. It is reactive. The hydroxyl value is 40, which has no effect on foaming. Exudation problems.

Applied to plate

General-purpose silicone surfactant for the production of flexible polyether polyurethane foams. Chemically, it is a non-hydrolyzable polysilane-polyoxane copolymer with high activity and stability.

applied to paint

Mainly used as catalyst for polyurethane assembly line or bulk foam, suitable for producing high-grade low-odor, low-atomizing soft polyurethane assembly line or bulk foam. Strong activity, the recommended dosage is 0.08%. Especially after modification with polyether, it can be used as a special functional catalyst of polyurethane foam stabilizer;

Applied to textile

Silicone oil usually refers to a linear polysiloxane product that remains liquid at room temperature, generally a colorless (or light yellow), odorless, non-toxic, and non-volatile liquid. Their molecular weights are not high, and they are in a fluid state at room temperature, so they are usually called silicone oils. It is generally not simply used, but made through special formulas, and is often used as an auxiliary material to produce a certain effect

Applied to sofa sponge

This product is a specially designed high-stability and high-activity silicone oil. After in-depth research on the sponge system in the Asia-Pacific region, a high-end silicone oil is designed. The silicone oil is a non-hydrolyzed silicone oil, which can be premixed with amine catalyst and water. The premix of the three is a slightly blue transparent liquid, and there will be no stratification and milky white phenomenon within one year of storage.

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