High Potency Silicone oil QG-8123M

High Potency Silicone oil QG-8123M
Product introduction
Silicone oil QG-8123M is a high potency, non-hydrolyzable silicone for use in flexible foam production of low
and ultra-low density foam grades, or formulations with high fillers concentration. It is designed to provide
strong and good processing latitude. This product is a strong stabilizer, therefore it is not recommended for
medium to high-density foam grades.
Typical physical properties
Viscosity ,cST @ 25℃ 900-1300
Proportion @ 25℃ 1.05
Colour Clear Liquid
Water solubility dissolve in water
• High-efficiency Silicone, for densities ranging from 4 to 25 kg/m 3• Excellent cell stabilization in high
methylene chloride and water dosage formulations, stronger stability in high filler system (<200pphp BaSO4, or
100pphp CaCO3 filled) • Offers high foam height and low recession while maintain good foam porosity
• Provides good cell structure and narrow density gradient • Easy to process in both box and continuous
machine foaming
Non-dangerous goods shall be transported in accordance with general cargo.


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