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Silicone Gel Implant 7.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Breast implants can also come in different textures. When considering breast augmentation or reconstruction, be sure to find a board-certified plastic…

Silicone Oil Type 1.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Silicone oil is a polyorganosiloxane with varying degrees of polymerized chain structure.

Silicone Oil Type 2.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

It is made by adding hydrolysis of dimethylchlorosilane to obtain the initial condensed ring body, through cracking, distillation to obtain the low ri…

Silicone Oil Type 3.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

In the most commonly used silicone oil, all organic groups are methyl groups, which is called methyl silicone oil. Other organic groups can also be us…

Silicone Oil Type 4.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Silicone oil is usually a colorless (or light yellow), odorless, non-toxic, non-volatile liquid. It has a small vapor pressure, high flash point and i…

Silicone Oil Type 5.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Silicone oil has excellent heat resistance, insulation, gas resistance, hydrophobicity, physiological inertness and small surface tension. In addition…

Silicone Oil Type 6.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Silicone oil is a colorless, transparent, non-toxic and odorless oil with excellent electrical insulation properties and heat resistance, high flash p…

Silicone Oil Type 7.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Used as a long-term release agent in contour processing of plastics and rubber and food production. It is also used as a high-temperature lubricant an…

Silicone Oil Type 8.0 – Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Widely used as heat carrier and effective dissolver in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic materials, food and other sectors; used as mass damping mate…

Cosmetic Surgery: Why Silicone? 1.0-Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Silicone is a material used in a variety of cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery: Why Silicone? 2.0-Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Several types of substances are used in medical implants today, but few have been around as long as silicone. Throughout the history of modern cosmeti…

Cosmetic Surgery: Why Silicone? 3.0-Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Silicone implants are chemically constructed using silicon, one of the most readily available elements on earth. Although it rarely exists in pure for…

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