Flame Retardant LE-QGY50

Flame Retardant LE-QGY50

Product description
Flame retardant LE-QGY50 is a phosphate halogen-free reactive flame retardant, with high flame retardancy,low fogging,strong yellow core resistance and other advantages, can be used as a flame retardant of polyurethane foam and other materials, widely used in polyurethane foam, sponge and so on. It meets thefollowing flame retardant standards:
California TB117, UL 94 HF-1, FMVSS 302, BS 5852 Crib 5, DIN 75201, CSE RF4
Class1.When it is used for flexible foam, and it is easy to hydrolyze in the compound
material when stored for a long time.

Technical index
Appearance Yellow transparent liquid
P content(wt.%) 16±1
Acidity (mg KOH/g) ≤1.0
Water content ( wt.%) ≤0.1
Density (25℃ ,g/cm³) 1.24±0.5
Hydroxyl number 220±20
V iscosity (25 ℃ ,mPas ) 200-400

Packing specification
250KG /1250KG

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