Flame Retardant LE-QGP1000

Flame Retardant LE-QGP1000

Product description
LE-QGP1000 is a highly efficient halogen-free flame retardant specially designed for polyurethane soft foam. It is a polymer oligomeric phosphate ester, with good anti-aging migration performance, low odor, low volatilization, can meet the requirements of the sponge has durability flame retardant standards. Therefore, LE-QGP1000 is especially suitable for furniture and automotive flame-retardant foam, suitable for a variety of soft polyether block foam and molded foam. Its high activity makes it less than half the amount of additives required to achieve the same flame retardant requirements than traditional flame retardants. It is particularly suitable for the production of flame retardant foam to prevent ignition of low intensity flames as described in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard MVSS.No302 and soft foam that meets the California Bulletin 117 flame retardant
foam standard for furniture.
CAS Number:184538-58-7

Technical index
Appearance Yellow transparent liquid
P content(wt.%) 19
Acidity (mg KOH/g) ≤2.0
Water content ( wt.%) ≤0.10
Density (25℃ ,g/cm³) 1.30±0.02
Solubility in water Freely soluble
V iscosity (25 ℃ ,mPas ) ≤2500

Packing specification
250KG /1250KG

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