Catalyst PC-46 Potassium acetate

Catalyst PC-46  Potassium acetate

Catalyst DC PC-46

Product introduction

DC PC-46 is mainly used in the production of penicillin potassium salt as a chemical reagent.

Typical physical properties Testable items

Appearance light yellow transparent liquid Moisture, % max 0.5

Density,20℃ 1.57 Content, % min 98

Water solubility,(20℃) g/L 98.2

Freezing point,℃ 303-307

Product Application

DC PC-46 is a catalyst with catalytic effect on the reaction of isocyanate trimer to polyisocyanurate, and it can be used together with other catalysts to meet various hard foam casting and spraying processes, with the characteristics of fast foaming and fast gelation.



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Technical Data Sheet

DC PC-46


DC PC-46 is a trimerization catalyst used in the production of semi-flexible molded and rigid foams.


DC PC-46 is used in semi-flexible molded instrument panel foams, rigid PIR boardstock foams, rigid pour-in-place systems, energy absorbing non-recoverable rigid foams.

Typical Properties

Appearance     White Liquid

Viscosity at 25 ºC (77 ºF), cP  200

Flash Point (TCC)   110 ºC / 230 ºF

Specific Gravity (Water = 1)    1.26

Calculated OH Number, mgKOH/g      1,122

Solubility in Water       100%

Storage Information

Recommends that our catalysts be stored in a dry and cool area under appropriate ventilation conditions. Each container should be closed tightly to avoid contamination with moisture or other negative influences that could change the products’ performance in the end use. The optimum storage temperature is between 10 °C and 30 °C. Lower and higher storage temperatures are not preferable and should be avoided.

Shelf Life:

24 Months

Standard Packaging:

  170KG Steel Drum

  IBC Drum is recommended.

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