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Background and overview of several preparation methods of sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate, often called baking soda, also known as acid sodium carbonate, is a white or opaque monoclinic crystal. Its English name is Sodium Bicarbonate, and its chemical formula is NaHCO3. It has a certain solubility in water. Sodium bicarbonate is an important inorganic chemical product and is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, medicine, textile, food, fine chemicals and other fields.

Sodium bicarbonate products are divided into industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade. Among them, the pharmaceutical grade has the best quality, and the requirements for injection grade medicinal sodium bicarbonate among the pharmaceutical grades are even more stringent. According to the provisions of the 2015 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, injection-grade medicinal sodium bicarbonate is a white crystalline powder with an alkalinity of ≤8.6 and a clear aqueous solution. Vapor glycidyl methacrylate shall not turn blue when exposed to moist red litmus paper. Drying weight loss ≤ 0.25%, content 99.5 ~ 100.5%, etc.

Several preparation methods of sodium bicarbonate, functions and indications

It is used to relieve stomach pain, heartburn (heartburn) and acid reflux caused by excessive stomach acid.

Adverse reactions of several preparation methods of sodium bicarbonate

The carbon dioxide produced by cesium bicarbonate when neutralizing gastric acid may cause belching and secondary gastric acid secretion.

Several preparation methods of sodium bicarbonate and drug interactions

1. This product can accelerate the excretion of acidic drugs (such as aspirin). 2. This product can reduce the efficacy of pepsin and vitamin E. 3. Drug interactions may occur if used together with other drugs. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for details.

Several preparation methods of sodium bicarbonate Pharmacology and Toxicology

This product is an antacid, which can quickly neutralize gastric acid after oral administration and relieve the symptoms of hyperacidity or heartburn, but the effect is weak and the duration is short.

Several preparation methods of sodium bicarbonate

Report on several preparation methods of sodium bicarbonate 1.

At a temperature of 25°C and a stirring speed of 25r/min, add 250g of sodium carbonate raw powder to 1000mL of distilled water until the sodium carbonate is completely dissolved. The solution is filtered through a membrane to remove the air in the device and pass it into the reaction device. CO2, bring the internal pressure to 0.01MPa, stir and react for 4 hours at this temperature and pressure. After the reaction is completed, the slurry is filtered and washed to obtain wet crude sodium bicarbonate. Dissolve the wet crude product in 600mL distilled water, filter, and concentrate the filtrate under reduced pressure at 30°C and -0.04MPa vacuum until a small amount of white crystals precipitate, stop concentrating, crystallize at room temperature for 8 hours, filter, wash, and incubate at 30°C After drying for 6 hours, 201.5g of the final product sodium bicarbonate was obtained, with a yield of 80.6%. Content is 100.1%. Refer to the detection method of injection grade medicinal sodium bicarbonate in the second part of the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” 2015 edition to test the prepared sodium bicarbonate boutique. From the test results, the prepared sodium bicarbonate boutique complies with the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia” 2015 edition second Quality standard requirements for injection grade pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate.

Report on several preparation methods of sodium bicarbonate 2.

A method for producing sodium bicarbonate, specifically including the following steps:

1) Use tap water, prepare a sodium chloride solution according to the 250g/l standard, put it into the reaction kettle, and adjust the temperature to 30-37 degrees;

2) According to the standard ratio of ammonium bicarbonate to sodium chloride mass ratio of 1.35:1, put solid ammonium bicarbonate into the reaction kettle at a uniform speed for metathesis reaction, and turn on stirring during the feeding process;

3) After the feeding of ammonium bicarbonate is completed, put the sodium bicarbonate crystal slurry and mother liquor into the rinsing tank for rinsing. After rinsing, it is dehydrated by a centrifuge and then dried by a dryer, which is the finished product of sodium bicarbonate;

4) Send the mother liquor after separation of sodium bicarbonate into the ammonium crystallization kettle, start the electrodialysis device group (ED), and circulate and concentrate the mother liquor after separation of sodium bicarbonate;

5) The concentrated solutions of ED-1, ED-2 and ED-3 are all returned to the ammonium crystallization kettle for circulation and concentration. The concentration multiple is 1.5-2.5 times. The concentration multiple refers to: ammonium crystallization kettle concentration Volume of mother liquor before/volume of mother liquor after concentration;

6) When the concentration ratio reaches the standard of step 5) above, put in solid sodium chloride, and use its concentration saturated crystallization and co-ion effect crystallization to precipitate ammonium chloride through crystallization to form ammonium chloride slurry;

7) Dehydrate the ammonium chloride crystal slurry through a centrifuge and package it into wet ammonium chloride finished product;

8) The solution separated by the centrifuge is sent to the salt tank;

9) Except for a small amount of the clear liquid separated from the electrodialysis unit as sodium bicarbonate rinse water, most of it is sent to the salt replenishing bucket to replenish salt;

10) Thoroughly mix the mother liquor sent from the centrifuge and electrodialysis device group by stirring in the salt replenishing bucket, measure the sodium chloride content, and then press the final sodium chloride content to be 200g/l-280g/l. Add solid sodium chloride according to the standard, stir thoroughly to dissolve and clarify;

11) Send the clarified mother liquor into the reaction kettle as the raw material for the second round of sodium bicarbonate production, and carry out cyclic production over and over again.


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