LEHVOSS UK and Stearinerie Dubois offer a green alternative to silicones 1 – Cosmetic silicone oil producer

Certain global trends have become prerequisites for the cosmetics market and today our expertise in oleochemistry is at the forefront of the need for green, responsible, sustainable, biodegradable products.

Still, the need for alternative ingredients is limited by the same constraints as in the past: controlling costs while delivering excellent sensory qualities and visible results.

To meet this need, we conducted a comprehensive study in 2010 of esters relevant to the leading emollients on the market.

This resulted in a comprehensive collaboration with university researchers and other experts to collect data and process it using statistical tools (matrices for identifying similarities between ingredients, mapping of emollients, etc.) as well as instrumental methods (objective analysis). performance, sensory and texture).

Today, cosmetics must have consumer utility, safety and sensory qualities. This is why the Duvais School of Art has been following this approach since 2010, developing its sensory expertise and establishing an internal group of sensory experts in 2016.

This expertise allows us to “classify” esters and related benchmarks in the form of radar plots to facilitate data processing and comparisons.

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