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Xinghuo Company expands new product paths and the spline milling machine cooperation project passed the acceptance inspection (Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

Recently, Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Wanxiang Coupling Co., Ltd. (spline milling machine) The cooperation project has passed user acceptance and broadened new paths for the company’s products.

(Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

Wuxi Wanxiang Coupling Co., Ltd. is a long-term cooperative unit of Xinghuo Machine Tool Company. Previously, the heavy equipment branch of Xinghuo Machine Tool Company helped the factory overhaul a CW61125/3mlathe products, due to the overhauled machine tools, the performance and efficiency have been greatly improved, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two factories.

Xinghuo Company’s spline milling machine cooperation project to expand new product paths passed acceptance

Splines for this acceptanceThe milling machineis the first trial production of Xinghuo Machine Tool Company. At first, due to lack of experience, we encountered many difficulties during the production process. During the initial acceptance, the accuracy of the milled spline key side did not meet the requirements. After repeated demonstrations by the company’s technical staff and the person in charge of the user unit, they jointly discussed solutions. After improving the milling head and spindle, the test results were very good. . Zhang Xuejin, deputy general manager of the company, said that he had a very good impression after many years of cooperation with Xinghuo, especially after the spline milling machine failed the first acceptance. I did not see their helplessness after the failure. On the contrary, from the project leader, technical staff and In the confident expressions of the operators, we can observe the team’s spirit of not admitting defeat. This is probably the specific meaning of Xinghuo’s “Sanyong Spirit”. The acceptance effect this time was very good, and it was completely within my expectations.

Yao Baozhong, deputy director of the heavy-duty assembly branch responsible for the assembly of this product, said that the spline milling machine is the company’s A result of the joint cooperation between the technical center and the branch factory, it successfully passed the acceptance test. Its value is not only to overcome a technical problem, but more importantly, to expand the company’s product series and find another new “” for the development of the enterprise. Fulcrum”.

This product will be shipped after the painting is completed next week. Today, the acceptance personnel of users in Foshan, Guangdong are inspecting an overhauled CK61125/3-meter lathe, and the feedback from users is also very good. He said that there has been a lot of outsourcing information recently, and 2 contracts have been successfully signed this month. So far, 15 outsourcing contracts have been signed throughout the year, and 9 of them have been delivered. Yao Baozhong said that due to the continued downturn in the market this year, the branch’s production mainly relies on outsourcing support. Since the company’s strategic goals were determined, outsourcing has blossomed in many areas, including special machine manufacturing and equipment modification.

Yao Baozhong said that bad things often turn into good things. From doing these difficult things, I learned I truly understand the true meaning of “the more difficulties, the better” that the company leaders have said many times. It is these difficulties that force us to meet market challenges. Otherwise, we will never have such innovative progress. He said that with this innovative ladder of success, we will go further on our new journey.
(Original title: Spark Company cooperation project broadens new product paths)

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