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Xinghuo Financial Ji Juan: Even in the capital winter, the best money in the world is chasing the best people (Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

KPMG is one of the world’s largest audit, tax and consulting professional services organizations, with branches in 155 countries and regions around the world and more than 174,000 professionals. Every year, KPMG releases important reports in relevant fields in its region. Its professional and objective data reports have become the authoritative reference and benchmark for relevant industries.

In 2016, financial technology played a positive role in promoting economic development, and KPMG China also paid close attention to this. After three months of research, consideration, and evaluation, in September 2016, KPMG released the “Top 50 Leading Financial Technology Companies in China” report and list. The report selected the most influential leading companies in China’s financial technology field, and the Internet brand “Xinghuo Letou” under Spark Financial became the only service organization selected in the field of crowdfunding.

(Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

On November 22, “Taotie 2026? Imagining the next ten years of financial technology? KPMG China’s Leading Financial Technology Companies 50 Awards and Seminar North China Station” hosted by KPMG was held in Zhongguancun, Beijing. This conference brings together outstanding companies from all branches of the financial technology field. It is an awards and communication seminar following the release of the list.

The conference process is divided into award-winning sessions and theme forum sessions.

At the meeting, Feng Dinghao, Vice Chairman of KPMG China and Chief Partner of KPMG Northern Region, delivered a speech. In his speech, he said: “KPMG has noticed that China has become the engine of the world’s financial technology field and the most critical center in the field of financial technology innovation. In September this year, KPMG China released the “China’s Leading Fintech 50″ report. Through this Through the selection, KPMG feels that Chinese technology companies are forward-looking and driven, and play a very important role in the development of the entire financial industry. KPMG believes that in the near future, technology will promote the formation of a new business pattern in finance.”

Spark Financial CEO Ji Juan, Hillhouse Capital Managing Director Hong Jing, Baidu Financial R&D Head Shen Dou and many other heads and leaders of financial technology companies participated in speeches and keynote forums. They shared the personalized experience of enterprises and jointly discussed the development ideas of financial technology under the current economic changes.

In view of the current cooling situation in the field of venture capital, at the forum with the theme of “Future Wealth Management, Insurance and Investment”, Ms. Ji Juan, who has just returned from the venture capital markets in Israel, the United States and other places, spoke from an international perspective. , brought the latest news of the international market to the audience, and answered the questions raised by the host on “Venture Capital Projects, Investment Opportunities and Future Development”.

Regarding the current situation of the cooling market, Ji Juan said frankly: “The climate in the world is indeed not particularly good, and everyone feels a bit like winter. However, in the primary market, especially in the early venture capital market, because it The amount of funds required is not that high, but new entrepreneurs are constantly emerging. Because there is actually no shortage of funds in the world. Everyone here, in the field of Fintech, I believe everyone knows that there is no shortage of funds. What is lacking is excellent assets. Therefore, the best money is chasing the best people! This provides excellent and newly emerging entrepreneurs in the primary market with many opportunities for investors and investment institutions. So no matter Whether I was in Tel Aviv, Israel, or in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Boston in the United States, I saw a large number of new technologies and their leaders and the teams they managed were very excited to pitch their new ideas and attract investment institutions. vision. And because of the past market indifference and the death of many entrepreneurial companies, the Valuation in the early stage entrepreneurial field in the primary market is now declining. Entrepreneurs and founder teams have become relatively rational, so in this process , the relationship between venture capital institutions, angel investors and entrepreneurs, we actually see that this relationship is getting better. So from the perspective of our primary market, it is an unprecedented good opportunity for us. Xinghuole, a subsidiary of Xinghuo Financial Since investing this year, we have provided equity investment services for many early-stage projects and provided them with some intelligent consulting services. We are also very confident that we will seize venture capital service opportunities in China and the global market in the future to come Serve more people, including some of the companies here that are currently financing.”

Regarding the role of technological means such as intelligent technology and big data in the financial field, Ji Juan said that the application of technology in the financial field will bring about an increase in financial added value. Xinghuo Letou uses technical means to focus on the value proposition of happy investment and proposes to make investment more liberal and professional. She said: “SPARK HAPPY CAPITAL is SPARK HAPPY CAPITAL, so we focus on happy investment. In China, we serve a wide range of mass affluent groups and provide them with more free and happy investment options. Therefore, around such a value pursuit, we have proposed The proposal is to make investment more liberal but also more professional.”

����Ms. Ji Juan further explained: “With liberalization, we can achieve greater liberalization through the Internet platform, through good technical protection, and through various application scenarios. So how can specialization be achieved? This application of data has already been mentioned. , but what is the logic of the application? This machine is not particularly smart from the beginning. You need to continue to train it, give it food, and then give it feedback after it eats. Let’s see how accurate it is. So In Xinghuo Investment’s exploration of equity investment, how can we use machine learning and the wisdom of experts to work together in an industry and field with a high degree of information asymmetry and a complex industry and field, so that the wealthy group can make investment decisions? Can be more professional. This is what we are doing.

From the launch of Xinghuo Letou on December 23 last year to less than a year this year, we have continued to serve Chinese startups and overseas startups to study the characteristics of entrepreneurs and to study We should also study the personalized demands in the industry, the capital market’s expectations for founders, and the test of various professional skills on team management. Then we can calibrate a model among these. This model is a machine. It can continuously learn and dynamically capture the development status of the enterprise through the process of gradually releasing information. Is it consistent with our original expectations? In the process of adjusting the accuracy of this advisory model, we hope to allow more people to participate freely and professionally in China’s equity investment industry, especially the early equity market, to provide a little bit of our value in this era. This is what we are doing. “

At the forum, in view of the current situation in the fields of wealth management, insurance and investment, Wu Tianhua, founder and CEO of Tiger Stock, Zhang Jialin, chairman of Asset Distribution, and Ding Jiang, CTO of Taiyi Cloud, also elaborated on themselves through unique perspectives. the opinion of.

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