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Intensive cultivation of metering pumps in the blue ocean of billions, Southern Pump Industry ignites the spark of intelligent manufacturing (Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is making steady progress towards the goal of being an overall solution provider and operator in the pump industry. In a recent exclusive interview with a reporter from China Environmental Protection Online, Peng Guozhong, general manager of the Metering Pump Branch of Southern Pump Industry, pointed out that in the face of the changes brought about by the current supply-side reform, Southern Pump Industry will further reform and innovate and strive to become “a strong enterprise in China’s pump industry”. “.

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The picture shows the Southern Pump Industry booth at the 2016 Guangzhou Environmental Expo

Standing in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, from the Gobi desert to the high loess slopes, from the black soil in the northeast to the southwest frontier with rolling mountains and rivers, from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the “Roof of the World”, to the vast shores of Poyang Lake…the tide of change from the old to the new has never happened for a moment. stop. Only by riding the waves and pursuing new things can you achieve success. After 15 years of transformation and development, with the new wave of supply-side reform in the economic field, Southern Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Southern Pump Industry”) has always insisted on self-pressure and self-innovation. Providing high-quality market supply and completing the perfect transformation from a single equipment to a comprehensive service provider in the pump equipment industry chain, water supply equipment, sewage treatment, water treatment membrane application, etc.

Public information shows that in the six years from its listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 (stock code: 300145) to the first half of 2016, the reform and development of the Southern Pump Industry has accelerated, the scale of the company has continued to expand, the management level has continued to improve, and the operating performance has been stable. Growth: As the largest exporter of split-case pumps and long-axis pumps in China, the Southern Pump Industry has gained a lot during the “going global” period alone by continuously releasing its core advantages of technical strength and flexible mechanisms. Nowadays, Southern Pump Industry, which firmly occupies the high ground of the industry, is moving towards the strategic goal of “building a powerful enterprise in China’s pump industry and a well-known brand in the world’s pump industry”.

In the past 15 years, Southern Pump Industry has been committed to one thing: creating high-quality supply of pump equipment.

Using water pumps as a medium to take root in “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”

The foresight is clear, the forerunner is powerful. Taking 2016 as the watershed year when the supply-side reform was implemented, the pursuit of efficiency and accurate judgment of demand will be the direction of efforts for all industries, including the environmental protection industry. In the view of many people in the industry, the existing high pollution stock requires more professional and refined environmental services. As a ticket to the environmental protection industry, the survival rules in the industry will also become increasingly mature and rational.

In a recent exclusive interview with a reporter from China Environmental Protection Online, Peng Guozhong, general manager of the Metering Pump Branch of Southern Pump Industry, pointed out: “Whether it is a newly entered cross-border giant or a veteran player who has been working hard for a long time, these are not important, because the environmental protection field initially grew wildly. The era of environmental protection will never return. At a time when the ecological landscape is undergoing drastic changes, another line of survival for environmental protection has become clear – possessing core technological competitiveness, accurately grasping market trends, and using more high-quality resources to build corporate quality Kernel.”


The picture shows Peng Guozhong, general manager of the Metering Pump Branch of Nanfang Pump Industry, accepting an exclusive interview with a reporter from this website

Fortunately, as the first company in China to develop and mass-produce stainless steel stamping and welding centrifugal pumps, it is also a leading company in pump equipment. As early as the establishment of the company, the Southern Pump Industry has consciously started the prelude to the “enterprise version” of the supply-side reform, that is, with The concept of “competing in the right way and creating unlimited creation” accurately positions the company’s development strategy and provides efficient market demand. At the same time, the decision-makers of the Southern Pump Industry seized the development opportunity of the trillion-dollar outlet with keen strategic vision, deeply penetrated the environmental protection sector from the pump equipment sector, and began to plan the development blueprint of the pump equipment industry chain.

In recent years, Southern Pump Industry has determined a strategy of giving priority to the development of water pump equipment, taking pump products and water supply equipment as the “wings of the bird” to lead the development of the enterprise, and developing the water pump industry chain as a way to promote the transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry and achieve healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. It is an important way to give full play to the company’s unique advantages in comprehensive systems such as capital, technology, talent, and management, adhere to the transformation path of “integrity, win-win, and self-transcendence”, and focus on the core precision of “the heart moves with water and moisturizes all directions” work hard. In the journey of more than 10 years, Southern Pump Industry has embarked on a new journey from “leap-forward development” to “occupying the commanding heights”.

However, Southern Pump Industry, which is good at research, is not satisfied with the status quo. In order to find more and better projects and successfully achieve strategic transformation, Southern Pump Industry vigorously carries out high-end industry-university cooperation. Mr. Peng further introduced that Southern Pump already has an integrated product research and development team integrating high-end scientific research fields such as fluid machinery, manufacturing technology, basic materials, automatic control, computer applications and electromechanical applications. It is the first in the industry to cooperate with Tsinghua University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. , China Agricultural University, Hunan Mechanical Research Institute and other well-known scientific research institutions have established long-term strategic cooperation, and thus formed a unique and powerful product research and development system.

Leading the industry and accelerating the deployment of metering pumps

Nowadays, a new pump product is gaining momentum.

“The metering pump market may be the next 100-billion-dollar outlet.” Mr. Peng said frankly to a reporter from China Environmental Protection Online. According to public information, my country’s pump industry has maintained a favorable trend of rapid development in both production and sales in recent years. Looking only at the output from January to June 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, the pump industry’s production capacity has rapidly extended the industrial chain from more than 80 million, 90 million, 100 million and 500 million units respectively. Metering pumps used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids), as modern industry continues to develop towards automated operation and remote automatic control, are regarded as pumps because of their dual benefits of strong compatibility and adaptability to a wide range of media. The “new favorite” of the industry.

According to Mr. Peng, who has been working intensively in the pump industry for many years, the reason for its rapid development is closely related to market demand. Taking the sewage treatment sector of the environmental protection industry as an example, during China’s “13th Five-Year Plan” period, water projects such as sponge cities, flood control and drainage, sewage treatment, water supply and drainage will continue to emerge, and the southern pump industry will also usher in unprecedented development. opportunity. But what should not be underestimated is that the “wind outlet” can not only make you soar, but also destroy you. In this regard, the layout of Southern Pump Industry is unswerving – innovation is the lifeline of enterprise development.


The picture shows the gold medal manufacturing of Southern Pump Industry – Metering Pump

“We have experience with pump equipment, that is, we must follow a development path of independent innovation.” Mr. Peng said that what the Southern Pump Industry adheres to is to give full play to the advantages of each link, so that we can obtain A lowest overall cost. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the application of new technologies. “For example, in the research and development process of metering pumps, we use fully automatic robot laser welding equipment and technology. All molds are processed and manufactured using three-dimensional technology to ensure that the model is transformed into In addition to high-efficiency supply, it can also achieve accuracy in equipment application.”

At the 2016 Guangzhou Environmental Expo, the “gold medal manufacturing” package of metering pumps independently developed by Southern Pump Industry attracted the attention of China Environmental Protection Online reporters. Mr. Peng told reporters that these high-quality supplies, which represent the domestic advanced level, have completely independent intellectual property rights. Through ingenious manufacturing and large-scale mass production, they provide efficient operating equipment for the downstream of the industrial chain. This move will continue to promote industrial manufacturing and environmental protection industries. and many key industries are developing soundly.

Specifically, leveraging its unique technical advantages, multiple driving methods and liquid end materials, Nanfang Pump Industry’s metering pumps can be “customized” to use different materials according to different media properties, such as Teflon, polyvinylidene fluoride , PVC, stainless steel, etc. The G series diaphragm metering pump of Nanfang Pump Industry can achieve a substantial leap from 2 liters to 1800 liters with only two bases. FROY series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump can achieve a flow rate of 659L/H, a discharge pressure of 211bar, a regulation ratio of 10:1, a steady-state accuracy of ±1%, and the height of the suction-lifted water column can reach 3 meters. Not only that, the flow rate of GH series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump can be maintained at 500L/H, discharge pressure: 30bar, regulation ratio 10:1, steady-state accuracy ±2%, and the suction lifting height can reach 3 meters of water column.

Regarding future development, Mr. Peng said that Southern Pump Industry will continue to pay close attention to technological innovation and vigorously develop the development of pump equipment and the application of system integration solutions. It is true that the hard training content has benefited the Southern Pump Industry a lot, and the favorable market will further lead the company to accelerate the pace of development. Today, Nanfang Pump Industry has emerged from its cocoon, become a butterfly and taken off, becoming a leading enterprise in the domestic pump equipment industry. (Source: China Environmental Protection Online)

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