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Intensive cultivation of metering pumps in the blue ocean of billions, Southern Pump Industry ignites the spark of intelligent manufacturing (Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

(Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

From formulating the concept of “Integrity, Win-win, and Self-Transcendence” and proposing the principle of “Competing in a Righteous Way and Creating Unlimited”, to focusing on the new generation of pump equipment industry, Southern Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is moving towards an overall solution provider for the pump industry. Make steady progress with the operator’s goals. In a recent exclusive interview with a reporter from China Environmental Protection Online, Peng Guozhong, general manager of the Metering Pump Branch of Southern Pump Industry, pointed out that in the face of the changes brought about by the current supply-side reform, Southern Pump Industry will further reform and innovate and strive to become “a strong enterprise in China’s pump industry”. “.

The picture shows the South Pump Industry booth at the 2016 Guangzhou Environmental Expo

The picture shows the booth of Southern Pump Industry at the 2016 Guangzhou Environmental Expo

Standing in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, from the desert Gobi to the high loess slopes, from the black soil in the northeast to the southwest frontier with rolling mountains and rivers, from the “roof of the world” Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the vast shores of Poyang Lake…the tide of change from the old to the new, from It didn’t stop for a moment. Only by riding the waves and pursuing new things can you achieve success. After 15 years of transformation and development, with the new wave of supply-side reform in the economic field, Southern Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Southern Pump Industry”) has always insisted on self-pressure and self-innovation, providing high-quality market supply, and completing It has transformed from a single piece of equipment to a comprehensive service provider for the pump equipment industry chain, water supply equipment, sewage treatment, and water treatment membrane application.

Public information shows that in the six years from its listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 (stock code: 300145) to the first half of 2016, the reform and development of the Southern Pump Industry has accelerated, the scale of the company has continued to expand, and the management level has continued to improve. Steady growth in operating performance: As the largest exporter of split-case pumps and long-axis pumps in China, Southern Pump Industry has gained a lot during the “going out” period alone by continuously releasing its core advantages of technical strength and flexible mechanisms. Nowadays, Southern Pump Industry, which firmly occupies the high ground of the industry, is moving towards the strategic goal of “building a powerful enterprise in China’s pump industry and a well-known brand in the world’s pump industry”.

Over the past 15 years, Southern Pump Industry has been committed to one thing: creating high-quality supplies of pump equipment.

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