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Vice Mayor Hao Wenjie of Tianshui City came to Xinghuo Machine Tool Company for investigation (Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

  (Jiangxi New Materials Co., Ltd.)

On December 8, Vice Mayor Hao Wenjie and his delegation met with Ma Xiaolong, Director of the Tianshui Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee , Deputy Director Lu Jinliang and other relevant department leaders came to Xinghuo Machine Tool Company to investigate the production and operation work and visited the assembly site of the industrial park. Li Weiqian, chairman and general manager of Xinghuo Machine Tool Company, Zhang Yuzhen, executive deputy general manager, Yang Jinlai, Wang Xingguo, deputy general managers and heads of relevant departments received the reception.

Hao Wenjie and his party visited the assembly and manufacturing site of Xinghuo Machine Tool Company Industrial Park and listened to the company’s production and operation report . After seeing a large-scale machine tool product that was debugged and ready for shipment, he said that in the past, when the company developed rapidly, these large-scale machine tools They are all best-selling products on the market. Now that the market is not good, it is the best time for us to adjust and innovate. We must recharge our batteries and continuously optimize our product structure. , striving to integrate with the internationalmarketin the new era In a round of market competition, we will give full play to the advantages of Xinghuo Machine Tools and meet the challenges of the market.

Hao Wenjie said that Xinghuo has had glory before and should continue to work hard to create new glory. Although we are currently experiencing setbacks, this is a critical period that tests us. In the face of difficulties, we must not be discouraged or shrink, and work together to overcome difficulties. I believe that Xinghuo will usher in a better tomorrow. (Kang Yongming)

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