Development of Silicone Oil and Cosmetic Industry-Cosmetic Silicone Oil Manufacturer

Clinique butter represented the cutting-edge technology level in the late 1960s. At that time, silicone oil was not added to the product. However, looking at other Clinique products now, silicone oil is added in large quantities. We can see that silicone oil is actually used. In the past few decades, it has promoted the development of the cosmetics industry.

But in the long run, the use of silicone oil in cosmetics may gradually decrease (if natural cosmetics can dominate). A well-known silicone supplier has focused its silicone oil business on industrial applications rather than in the cosmetics industry. Firstly, the amount of silicone oil used in the cosmetics industry is less than that for industrial purposes. Secondly, it is also due to considerations of human safety and consumers’ increased awareness of cosmetics safety. Another point is that as a synthetic product, it does not exist in nature. The impact of silicone on the environment is also a factor to consider. After all, there are still people in foreign countries making noises about the impact of silicone on aquatic life and its self-degradation.

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